It has been a few years since Masashi Kishimoto's manga completed, but there are still many fans devoted to fan art and the cosplay of Naruto characters. One Instagram user instead shared her tattoo with an emphasis on the Devil seal.

At the bottom of the news you can find the photo shared by the @ mrpinksxx account who decided to have the demon tattooed with the devil's seal, a powerful technique that can be seen in the episodes and on the pages of the work of is Masashi Kishimoto. The first time the Devil's Seal was presented was during the battle between the Third Hokage and Orochimaru during the Chunin selection test. Despite the power of the ability, it has been used a number of times by the various ninja of the manga: the demon will not only consume the anime of the target of the seal, but also imprison that of its summoner who will not he will not be able to do anything to save himself. The tattoo from the Instagram post shows us the moment the fourth Hokage Minato summons the devil's seal to tie the nine-tailed fox's soul half into him and half into his son Naruto.

Finally, here is a fan art dedicated to two Naruto characters: We Relate To Sakura and Ino.

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