Chapter 1011 of ONE PIECE showed us the exciting encounter with Kaido, also on the pages of the manga that were written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda We saw Big Mom at one point.

The challenge between Luffy and Kaido has now come to life as the other crew members of the protagonist of ONE PIECE are involved in some plans that will have a significant impact on the Battle of Onigashima. On the pages of the manga, we also saw Big Mom get separated from Kaido thanks to the efforts of the Killer and Kid who managed to drop her to the second floor of the building they are in. There Big Mom finds O-Tama, Nami and Usopp.

Despite the presence of the last two Grandmother decides to ignore her, focus on O-Tama and reveal a little-known side of her character: the pirate actually wanted to thank O-Tama for looking after her while she was suffering from amnesia, and then himself reminds of the food they ate together in the town of Okobore, later destroyed by Kaido. The next chapter of the manga will be published in Japan on May 9thIn the meantime, due to the holidays for the Japanese Golden Week, the first spoilers of chapter 1012 of ONE PIECE have been shared online.

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