THE My hero Academia Pro Heroes They have been seen by society as perfect beings above ordinary people, but the violent war on the supernatural liberation front has shown that even heroes are capable of making mistakes or feeling emotions. This fact is especially true of Endeavor and Hawks.

At the top of the list of heroes are Enji Todoroki and Keigo Takami, their real names from the clash with the villains with the Reputation completely destroyed. Dabi's revelations convinced the population that those who should be society's protectors are in fact two hideous beings.

But if Endeavor has not yet responded to this situation by breaking free Media pressureHawks is ready for his next admirable goal and his poignant speech impressed the people of My Hero Academia.

Although the winged hero's childhood was enormously difficult, there was a single object a Keep the hope alive in him: a soft toy from Endeavor, her favorite hero, which her mother gave her in one of her few gestures of kindness.

Just as the doll kept her heart warm and gave light, it is now up to the heroes themselves Regain trust the population. But the supernatural liberation front is ready to strike even more violently when the struggle has just ended. A My Hero Academia artwork highlights the resemblance between Dabi and his father.

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