The children's escape from Grace Field forced them to connect with the outside world, a world full of mystery and danger. However, they had managed to find refuge after the help of Sonju and Mujika, the B06-32 prepared by the mysterious William Minerva. The Promised Neverland continued with cuts and additions to the original story.

However, the refuge was lost due to the invasion that occurred in the second half of The Promised Neverland 2x04. A handful of soldiers who paid the farm demons broke in with some bombs and forced the children to greet the shelter in which they barely lived a month or so.

Now Emma, ​​Ray and the others are on the run in the forest they came from and have to find a new hiding place. Will they make it We'll have the answer in The Promised Neverland 2x05, episode with Italian subtitles made available by VVVVID. The future of children depends on balance and they have to adjust to the new situation if they do not want to die without reaching their goal.

Unfortunately for viewers, The Promised Neverland will air with a recap next week, which will stop the main story.

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