The band LOVEBITES will perform the opening of the original anime Vlad Love

The studio's original anime staff Ichigo animation Y. Mamoru Oshii, Vlad loveI'll reveal that the Japanese heavy metal band LOVE BITESwill perform the opening theme of the project "Winds Of Transylvania". This is the first time the group has participated in an animation project.

The twelve-episode series premiere has been confirmed for this year's fall season, but postponed indefinitely due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on production.


  • Ayane Sakura like Mitsugu Bamba.
  • Rina Hidaka as May Vlad Transylvania.
  • Romi Park as Chihiro Chimatsuri.
  • Saori Hayami as Nami Below.
  • Yuu Kobayashi as Maki Watabe.
  • Kanako Takatsuki as Kaoru Konno.
  • Yoko Hikasa as Jinko Sumida.
  • Kenta Miyake as Masumi Katsuno.
  • Kaito ishikawa like Okada.
  • Ryuunosuke Watanuki like Kambara.
  • Tarou Kiuchi like Horita.
  • Hiroshi iwasaki like Mai's father.

Production team

  • Mamoru Oshii takes over the management and the original idea is credited.
  • Junji Nishimura (Ranma ½, Taiho Shichau zo The film, Real tears) is responsible for directing the anime in the studios journey.
  • Kei Yamamura (The next generation -patlabor-) writes the scripts with Oshii.
  • Kazunari Niigaki (Key animator and episode animation director for Monogatari series) designs the characters.
  • The studies Production IG Cooperation in production is also credited.
  • Kenji Kawai composes the soundtrack with the tone direction of Kazuhiro Wakabayashi.

Synopsis by Vlad Love

Mitsugu Bamba is a student who values ​​helping others by donating blood. For this purpose, she often visits the blood bank, although the nurse has a very bad character. One day he meets a beautiful girl in the blood bank who looks strange.

The pale girl appears to faint, but then begins to destroy the facility. Shortly after she passes out and Mitsugu takes her home ...

Source: ANN

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