Gurenge, the opening of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba written and sung by LiSA, received a further 13,678 downloads in the week from July 20 to 27, amounting to 1,001,773 and thus to The third track in the history of Oricon's digital sales is said to be over a million. It is also the first ever written by an artist.

It is a result to the limit of the impossible that has only been achieved by "Lemon" and "Uma to Shika", two songs written by the rising star Kenshi Yonezu. Gurenge is currently among the top 10 most downloaded songs for 27 consecutive weeks and a total of at least 44.

Last April, the song had hit triple platinum and more recently reached 100 million streams. Of course, selling a million digital copies is much more complex than getting reproductions, which is why the official site explicitly celebrated the milestone by thanking the fans.

In addition to the millions of digital downloads, LiSA has managed to sell more than 100,000 physical copies, a result that the artist deserves another Golden recordwhile on Songify the song currently has 72 million tracks (they were 45 in April and 55 in June). The track has recently surpassed the success of The thesis of a cruel angel, the opening of the Neon Genesis Evangelion.

And what do you think about it? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! In the meantime, we would like to remind you that Demon Slayer will return in October with his first film, for which new information will be released on August 2nd.

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