The second season of Super Dragon Ball Heroes reports on the events of the new Big Bang Mission saga, which thanks to a series of pleasant results has already had the opportunity to surprise fans. In the next episode there is indeed an extraordinary battle between a famous merger and a new transformation.

On September 30th, the seventh episode of SDB Heroes debuted and spawned another Ass in the hole of Goku and Vegeta who, fighting Fuu, decided to use the Potara earrings to bond with Vegetto and change the fate of the battle. In any case, the summary of the eighth episode has been available for a few hours. is expected to debut in Octoberwhat follows thanks to the leaks from user DBS Chronicles:

"Kidnapped by Towa, the time patrol finally understands its goal. In the meantime, a fierce battle rages between Goku and Vegeta against Fuu. To counter Cumber's evil aura, the two decide to join forces to become Vegetto ma Fuu, d '. On the other side it transforms itself into Super Fuu. When you learn the correlation between their lenses, suddenly a blinding light appears from the tree of the universe. "

And you, what do you expect from this new episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission instead? Please let us know as usual with a comment in the corresponding field at the bottom of the page. But as for the anime, did you know that an evil Saiyan is about to return?

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