After a long wait, the first installment of the new Marvel X-Men: X of Swords series has set the stage for them SWORD is back in style, a mysterious organization dealing with the galactic security of planet Earth.

The first volume of X-Men: X of Swords, in which there was already a first victim, ended with the arrival of Cyclops, Jean Gray and Cable at the SWORD headquarters. The space station has not been accessible for weeks and the lives of its more than 6,000 inhabitants appear to be in danger. But what exactly happened to the headquarters? And what does it do

For those who are not familiar with it, the SWORD is therespatial equivalent of SHIELD and has the task of administering the position of earth's inhabitants in intergalactic society and protecting the planet from alien threats. The agency was founded in 2004 by Joss Whedon and John Cassady in the sixth volume of Astonishing X-Men, while its very own series dates back to 2009. His return could therefore only appear in a comic strip by the mutants.

SWORD is certainly not the longest running or most popular group in the Marvel Universe, however it has often played an important role in defense of the earth. Led by Special Agent Abigail Brand, son of a human mother and an alien father, the agency assisted Mr Fantastic in his battle against the Skrulls. In the new series, Brand will play a key role and cultivate relationships with members of the X-Men, including Magneto. While waiting for the release, don't miss out on all the details about SWORD.

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