The Future State Event brought enormous changes in the universe Dc comics and pissed off some of the readers' favorite heroes. This fate now falls to Shazam, who in the first volume of the series dedicated to him is forever separated from his human alter ego Billy Batson.

Future State's first volume: Shazam! begins with the Shazam family traveling to Iron Heights to battle Giganta and a robot manhunter who try to free Creeper from his captivity and then hand him over to Black Adam. But if Creeper is murderedthe comic takes a dramatic turn.

Later in the issue, Shazam visits Johnny Thunder to give him and his magical Thunderbolt one last chance. But suddenly Shazam wakes up in his bed the next day completely bloody. As the veterans of the Justice League of America deduce, the disrespectful magician is behind the two murders.

At this point, Neron argues that Shazam must shared by Billy Batson, his alter ego. While the wizard tries to resist, the boy gives himself back and accepts his fate. From now on, Shazam and Billy Batson are two separate entities. What do you think of this sensational event? And why should Shazam be guilty of the crimes that he is charged with? Meanwhile, two titans have also been involved in a dramatic change in the DC Future State: Teen Titans. Batman and Wonder Woman in the Death Metal version in the new Funko Pop line from DC Comics.

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