With the release of Volume 34 of The Attack of the Giants slated for June 9th in Japanese territory, Kodansha has decided to start renting one huge advertising space in the free east-west passage of Shinjuku station.

Below you can take a look at the wonderful animated billboard that appeared a few hours ago on the night of the 7th. The billboard is 45.6 meters long and has a short message from the Isayama editorial staff, by thanking the fans for following the work for twelve long years.

This is no small expense for Kodansha, especially when you consider that Shinjuku Station is the first in the world in terms of number of annual passengers, with an average of 3.64 million passengers per day. Not everyone will see the blockbuster commercials reserved for Isayama's masterpiece, but renting such a space will certainly have required a significant amount of effort. Of course, the popularity of manga in Japan is very high, so such an investment is sure to pay off.

Volume 34 of The Attack of the Giants will be the last and will contain a number of additional pages that expand the end of the story. The anime adaptation will instead return in the winter of 2022 to transpose the last 4 volumes, and hope is that Isayama also reveals something about his future plans at the time, currently undefined.

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