After the excellent work with Pokémon: Shadow Wings, the guys from Studio Colorido have returned to animate two special episodes in the Pokémon series, "Dreaming Tsubomi" and "The Pancham Who Wants to Be a Hero". The result exceeded expectations, with a great welcome specially reserved for the first episode.

Pokétoons are animated short films released on the Japanese YouTube channel Pokémon Kids TV, usually designed for an audience under 12 years of age. A first short film, "Scraggy and Mimikyu", was released in June 2020, while the second, "The Pancham Who Wants To Be A Hero" appeared on YouTube last month and was recently re-released along with the new "Dreaming Tsubomi".

Especially the latter, a short film in which the story of the charismatic Tsubomi and her Nidoran is told, caused a sensation with his topics in social media, the character of the protagonist and the relationship with her Pokémon. Below you can check out some of the fan reactions, excited to say the least. The production company has already released three more episodes between 2021 and 2022 entitled "Wait for Me! Magikarp", "Have I Turned into a Gengar?" approved. and "La Casa dei Comodi Slugma".

And what do you think? Did you see the episode Tell us yours in the comments! In the meantime, we remind you that the main series is still a work in progress and that the protagonist Ash Ketchum recently reunited with a huge team.

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