A scene from the trailer for Castlevania 4 has the many fans of the discussion work Netflixwho has since shared the animation show's official recap. Let's find out what challenges the protagonists of the anime have to face.

The unpublished episodes of Castlevaniawho complete the adventures of Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard. Here is the official recap of the Netflix series: "The clash between the various factions has wreaked havoc in Wallachia. Some are trying to take control of the area while others want to revive Dracula. Nobody is who they seem, and others cannot be trusted. The end of time has come".

In addition, fans have started to discuss the final scene of the trailer, in which it is possible to see Trevor facing a shadow with the features already seen by video game fans: many actually believe it is Grim Reaper , the death considered to be the one in Castlevania right arm of Dracula.

If you are passionate about the stories of the Belmont family You'll be happy to know that Netflix will produce other Castlevania spin-offs, even if we don't yet have any further details on the titles that are being considered for animated implementation.

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