The Bones animation studio in collaboration with Netflix presents the anime Godzilla Singular Point through a new promotional video. Let's go together to see what it is.

The original series from the creators of the animated implementation of My hero academia was shown again through a trailer that can be seen on the cover of this news item. The main characters of the story are introduced to us one after the other, and special attention is paid to the robot Jet Jaguar who fought the giant Godzilla in one of the original TOHO films. At the end of the video, the Godzilla Singular Point release date is confirmed, which was previously announced and set for 2021.

I remember it Employees working on the project, 13 episodes long, consists of some names of the notes. In particular, Kazue Kato, author of the manga Blue exorcistdeals with the design of human characters, while the kaiju, a name that denotes monsters like Godzilla, is entrusted to Eiji Yamamori, the animator who is in the Studio Ghibli Participation in works such as Princess Mononoke.

The new anime is Directed by Atsushi Takahashi, Writer of the 2017 Doraemon film, and the script was entrusted to writer Toh Enjoe. Instead, the composer is Kan Sawada.

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