The multimedia project D4DJ will have a new manga in October

On the official website of the magazine Monthly Bushiroad from the editorial team of Bushiroad It turned out that the multimedia franchise D4DJ (Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ) will have a new manga called D4DJ - The Story of Happy Around!.

This manga will be published in the eleventh issue of Monthly Bushiroad magazine on October 8th and will be written and illustrated by Moroko Kurasaki. The story will focus on the formation of the musical unity Happy Around!. On the other hand, Shirokuma He's also doing a manga based on the franchise and titled it D4DJ 4-Koma Mix!, which has been published in Monthly Bushiroad Magazine since September 8th. This manga focuses on the daily life of the project's six musical units.

Following the franchise BanG Dream! Y. Revue Starlight, D4DJ is the new multimedia project from Bushiroad. This project includes live performances from DJs, an anime and a range of video games. The project includes new songs as well as remixes of popular music.

On the other hand, the anime adaptation is named after D4DJ First mixand is produced by studios Sanzigen, Headed by Seiji Mizushima. In July of this year, it was confirmed that the series would premiere in Japan on October 30th.

Source: Official Twitter account

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