Re: Zero 2, the new season of the anime from Tappei Nagatsuki's novel series, got us used to traumatic deaths and entire episodes of sheer suffering, but the events featured in Episode 8 exceeded all expectations. Staging one of the bloodiest murders of all time.

During the episode in question, Subaru decides to leave Emilia alone and travel to the Rooswal estate to save Petra, Beatrice and Frederica from the attack by assassin Elsa. The protagonist decides to reach the property with the Patrasche land kite, however shortly before leaving, he is blocked by Garfiel.

Garfiel attacks Rem, Otto and Subaru and kills the first two and their mount. Subaru is saved from certain death and some time later is in jail. It has started to snow outside and shortly after returning to the village, Subaru comes across some rabbits After a few moments they begin to devour him alive and invade his body, in what is probably the bloodiest scene in the entire series.

Nagatsuki revealed via a Twitter post that the inspiration came from the 1997 film The Lost World - Jurassic Park from Steven Spielberg: "The inspiration comes from a scene that scared me as a kid. In the second Jurassic Park film, a man separates from his allies and is attacked by a tiny bird of prey. Then hundreds of such beings begin to jump on him and devour him. Without this film you would never have seen this scene!".

What do you think about it? Do you like Re: Zero 2? Let us know with a comment! If you want to learn more about the current season instead, we recommend checking out the Subaru voice actor's latest interview. Yuusuke Kobayashi.

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