Despite being one of the protagonists most dividing the community, Lady Tsunade was fundamental to the growth of Konoha and Naruto equal. To pay tribute to her, cosplayer Alexy Sky brought a fantastic rendition before taking on the role of Fifth Hokage.

The resemblance between the artist and Tsunade is incredible and dedicating an almost perfect cosplay. The cosplayer's long blonde hair frames Sannin's pale face, which bears the purple seal. With colored contact lenses, the girl even managed to recreate the honey-colored eyes of the former Hokage. Even the clothes were made with the utmost care. The artist wears the typical green-gray tunic with the large slit to highlight the silhouette.

Around the neck depends on the most precious gem by Lady Tsunade, who later decided to give Naruto an indissoluble bond with him. From this detail it can be seen how Alexy Sky's rendition pays homage to the tsunad known as the princess of the Konoha snails, rather than the fifth Hokage. A subtlety that pays great attention to this work. Russian model Shirogane impressed fans with this Naruto cosplay. Itachi and Nagato have been brought back to life with Edo Tensei in this Naruto Shippuden character.

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