Now that the supernatural is finally back in vogue thanks to jujutsu kaisen, it's time to rediscover one of the works that pushed this genre forward the most. YuYu Hakusho. The best way to do this is to admire the protagonist's most powerful technique in this fantastic statue by AzureSea Studio.

This figure is available for a pre-order price of 658 euros and is a real collector's item. Think only a few were produced 400 units worldwide. It was made on a 1: 6 scale and shows the protagonist Yusuke Urameshi with his deadly Reigan or Astral Ray in the Italian localization of the first season of the animation.

If only he could focus his spiritual energy on shooting a baby first Beam from his fingertipsThanks to hard training, Yusuke managed to develop this ability more and more in the course of the series in order to generate a gigantic beam of energy.

The statue sees Yu, the hero of the ghosts, racing back and forth shoots his Reigan towards the enemy. It is up to the owner to determine the shape of this technique based on three variants. In the first of them, the protagonist's arms are behind the neck, ready to strike. In the second, Yusuke has accumulated his spiritual energy and is ready to release it, while in the third the blow is finally gone. YuYu Hakusho's manga just turned 30 years old. Live-action YuYu Hakusho will hit Netflix.

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