Most of the fans today Yo-yo They got to know the historic Araki series thanks to David Productions' anime, one of the most influential and memorable products in recent years. So far, viewers know five protagonists from just as many generations, and soon they will also be dealing with Jolyne Kujo from Stone Ocean.

However, the mangaka has already produced eight series rather than five or six. After Stone Ocean there was the beloved Steel Ball Run and finally Jojolion, part 8 of Jojos Bizarre Adventure. The beginning of the publication of this last series on Ultra Jump, the monthly magazine of the Shueisha house where the series was broadcast a few years ago, dates back to 2011 and is now nearing its end.

After a little over 10 years, Jojolion greeted his readers and he did so with a satisfying chapter already loved by many. Hirohiko Araki has closed another circle and the most loyal readers have obviously gone to Twitter to share their thoughts on the series. Generally the Jojolion's final hit and moved many thanks to a satisfactory conclusion on all fronts.

Of course, the story of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure doesn't quite end there considering that the ninth part of Jojo Lands is about to begin.

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