The world that Eiichiro Oda created in the series ONE PIECE is full of flamboyant creatures with physical and biological properties beyond the normal, including obviously the Tritons, the Sirens, the Giants of Elbaf, and the character of Black Mary, who has been the focus of a recent discussion about the community.

After the reveals and the release of the playable demo of Resident Evil 8: Village, fans of the famous horror saga developed by Capcom knew the new antagonist Lady Dimitrescu, named after the fertility goddess Demeter. In addition to a wealth of information, there is one detail that particularly surprised players: its size. Lady Dimitrescu it would, in fact, be 2 meters and 90 centimeters highand even surpasses Nemesis and Mr. X, the series’s historical enemies, by far.

While this is relatively important news for Resident Evil fans, ONE PIECE fans took action immediately even to judge it patheticas you can see in the post at the bottom of the page shared by @newworldartur on social media. To underline what is being said there a comparison table of Lady Dimitrescu and Black Maria the pirate of the hundred beasts, about 8 feet high. Of course, a joke tone was used in the post which sparked a nice discussion of the seemingly exaggerated reaction from Capcom's opera fans.

Recall that the first popularity predictions of the ONE PIECE characters leaked, and we leave you with an interesting theory about Yamato's devil fruit.

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