In the course of the events of Dragon Ball SuperVegeta has undergone numerous changes, has become a particularly positive character, and has moved away from the methods by which Goku increased his combat effectiveness. Just think of the recent conversations with the god of destruction Beerus and the technique he learned on the planet Yardrat.

Another character that somehow evolved is the protagonist of the Mandalorian series, produced by Disney and part of the expansion and enrichment project of the Star Wars universe started by George Lucas more than forty years ago. Both the Saiyan prince and Mando have embarked on a path that has gradually changed their temperament. Vegeta because he is guided by family responsibilitiesand the Mandalorian for having Baby Yoda by his side.

To this end, at the request of a fan of the two series, the artist @DevonClancy created the great drawing that you can find in the post below. Vegeta looks perfect in a costume that combines the design of theSaiyajin combat armor and the legendary Mandalorian armor, with the legendary helmet at the bottom left. What do you think of this cute crossover? Let us know with a comment below.

Recall that Toriyama explained the aging process of Saiyans, and we will have you find out how many times the protagonists called Shenron.

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