Netflix is Legendary television productions announced the start of production of two new anime series, each dedicated to Tomb Raider and King Kong. The first will be a sequel to the Square Enix reboot trilogy, while the second, titled Skull Island, will be somehow related to the movie Godzilla vs Kong that is out in theaters.

No details of the Tomb Raider anime series have been released at this time, but Netflix's official Twitter profile has confirmed it will be discontinued immediately after the events of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the 2018 cross-platform video game from Eidos Montréal.

As for Skull Island, Netflix describes the anime as "a new, epic chapter in the MonsterVerse saga, where shipwrecked adventurers on Kong Island will try to survive and fight colossal monsters." King Kong will be present on the series, but the timing of the events is not yet clear. The anime is made by Powerhouse Animation, who is currently involved in the production of Castlevania 4.

The two anime series don't have a release date yet, but take into account Powerhouse Animation's commitments and the little information shared in the Tomb Raider series It is unlikely that we will get any new information in 2021. Pending further details, we remind you that the streaming giant is also working on the Assassin's Creed anime.

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