Attention! This review of Chapter 9 of Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2 It's full of spoilers. We recommend that you watch the episode first, and then read it again. You can also read the previous review.

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Chapter 9: I love you

Subaru and Echidna talk about the "return of the dead". Apparently, for some reason, Satella won't let Subaru die, so he'll keep reviving until the "Witch of Envy" loses interest in him. Subaru, on the flip side, has an immediate problem that needs to be resolved and they are focused on finding a solution to the shattered arrival of the "Bunny Immensity", the "Oousagi". For this you have to speak to its creator: Daphne, "The Witch of Gluttony". This is how Chapter 9 of Subject: Zero 2.

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Despite Echidna's warnings, Subaru agrees to speak to the witch, and the former rushes to bring her fellow human beings. Typhon, "The Witch of Pride", however, in her eagerness to meet Subaru, rushes to take over Echinda's presence. The witch puts the boy through a rather cruel ordeal that literally leaves the boy to pieces. Then Minerva, "The Witch of Wrath", saves him from such a situation.

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After reviewing Typhon's antics, Subaru finally manages to speak to Daphne, and the witch tells her what she wants to know. Now, with a clear idea of ​​the path to follow, Subaru says goodbye to Echidna and hopes to speak to her again later. However, what you find out there will exceed all of your expectations. The woman who got him through so hard came and attacked the "sanctuary" and had only one thing to say to Subaru: "I love you."


The second season of Re: zero it always surprises every episode that passes. History has taken a great 180 degree turn from what we were used to last season when Subaru kept up with the various routes thanks to its "Return from Death". This has not happened now, as any change will trigger unexpected events that overtake Subaru in many ways.

I think chapter 9 of Subject: Zero 2 has been the most representative representative of the anomalous development of the current property so far. At first we could see it with Garfiel's various positions on the routes, now the plot has surprised us with something rather bold: the appearance of Satella, "The Witch of Envy". A being painted as malicious, which we have heard of many times, makes its appearance possible in the most random way possible. And i loved it.

Subaru faces increasingly imposing predicaments that challenge its average strength and push its sanity to the limit. Little by little, problems build up and it seems that the chaos has brought the mission to the point where the shape is no longer coherent. However, Subaru has the help of many people who help with the young man's weaknesses, including the most powerful wizard in Lugunica.

Sinful witches

The appearance of four witches in chapter 9 of Subject: Zero 2 It took us all by surprise; especially the last one. However, they do not go into depth; We just took a look at her personality. We could talk about Typhon's sense of superiority that leads him to tear Subaru apart in court, the great love that Minerva disguises as anger, or Daphne's twisted take on the food chain, but I think these witches have a lot more than offer later .

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It is very clear that "The Witches of Sin" are on a completely different level than all other living beings, including humans. How powerful are or were "The Sin Witches" at underestimating the actions of a mere human? Daphne seemed very confident when Subaru, the man who led the successful hunt for "The White Whale", threatened to destroy the "Three Great Beasts".

I love you

Satella's appearance in Chapter 9 of Subject: Zero 2 It's a big mystery to both Subaru and us viewers. The clues as to what could have happened are everywhere, however, and perhaps all of this disaster was caused by Subaru itself. Why? Well, maybe he got too excited when he learned that he could confess his supernatural power to Echidna and kept repeating that he was able to return from the dead.

In normal situations, just trying to show his powers would have Subaru surrounded by Satella's presence, where the witch would threaten to crush his heart but would end up killing anyone who heard those words. This is not mentioned in the anime, but it is made clear in the novel that the situation is much more stressful for Subaru, who not only has a terrible fear but extends a single moment to increase the punishment.

What if this effect happened in the real world, but Subaru couldn't notice it because it was in Echina's world? Perhaps this would drive Satella out of control and cause her to take human form and, above all, to allow others to see her. A witch who was mad because her lover was having a nice conversation with another girl would surely try to destroy everything.

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But where is everyone else, especially Emilia who was next to Subaru? Well, there doesn't seem to be a good answer to that question. Recall that Emilia was the closest person to Subaru when he was sent to Echidna's tea party. What if the half-elf girl got the worst of anger over The Witch of Envy? What if Emilia was the way for Satella to take human form? Yeah, I mean, maybe Emilia was obsessed with Satella.

Hell will be my abode

Great tip: always check at the end of the ending so you don't miss any hidden scene. The experience of watching anime on digital platforms for years has given some of us the chance to tell if there is a scene at the end of the end by just looking at the video progress bar. The duration of the closing sequences usually doesn't change much in the world of anime. A quick measurement of the progress bar at the beginning of the end therefore warns us if there is something later.

Chapter 9 of Subject: Zero 2 It's one of those deliveries that hide something behind the closing sequence that many ignore. And it couldn't be more important. In these few seconds a suspicion we had since the beginning of the series (or at least only I) is confirmed: Roswaal knows about Subaru's "return from death". And it shows how sure he is about the guy with the most romantic monologue I've ever heard Re: zero.

There is no doubt that Roswaal is hiding a personal goal that leads him to support Emilia and Subaru and to trust both of them so much. I don't think a person like the wizard would act selflessly for unknown people. It is certain that the fulfillment of Emilia's goals in one way or another will fulfill her own desires. The question is, what if Roswaal gets what he wants and no longer needs Emilia and Subaru?


Subaru faces bigger and more unexpected obstacles. Now he has to stop Satella, who appears to be going into the villa to attack the maids who have stayed behind. However, there may be little he can do before the power of a witch, let alone that apparently all of the villagers as well as Ram and Otto have succumbed to the shadow that surrounds the "witch of envy". Subaru has to reuse its trump card to get everything back on a cheaper course.

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Anyway, we'll just have to wait for the next installment to give us more explanation of the strange appearance of Satella in Chapter 9 of Subject: Zero 2. I just have to ask how did you find the episode?


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