Lum is back in the spotlight, in fact the classic anime from a few decades ago, comes back to life with a remaster from David Productions. The new unreleased stories about Urusei Yatsura's beautiful alien are on the way, as is the accompanying merchandise.

After Lum's shoes comes a new piece of clothing that may catch the attention of many! We are referring to the female uniform of the Tomobiki highthe high school attended by most of the characters in the franchise.

The product is manufactured by the company COSPA under official supervision and available in two variants: as a winter uniform and as a summer uniform. The costumes are designed with the utmost care. Therefore, the pleats of the skirts are handmade, with faithful reproduction of numbers and sizes, and the fabric is dyed from scratch to replicate the exact shade of blue of the skirtsOriginal artwork by Rumiko Rakahashi. The scarf comes in two colors, red and yellow, and is made from a stiff fabric to maintain its soft shape around the collar.

The winter uniforms will go on sale in March 2023 and summer uniforms in early April 2023. Reservations are already possible in the company's official stores.

Did you know that anime-inspired school uniforms are among Cospa's best-selling clothing items? Maybe the Lum 2022 trailer will make an explanation clear to you.

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