The full-scale confrontation between heroes and villains is now inevitable. The sixth season of My Hero Academy immediately demonstrated the heroes' commitment to containing the Tomura Shigaraki threat as quickly as possible. Despite the casualties on the battlefield, destruction has returned stronger than before.

In fact, Shigaraki went through a months-long process to become a creature of extraordinary potential. Mirko, Crust, and other Pro Heroes managed to interrupt the process only to spot one new form of devastation from Shigaraki. Within moments of waking up, Shigaraki manages to destroy the entire area of ​​the Jaku Hospital and sets out in search of Midoriya.

Eraserhead and Endeavor attempt to stop him, and despite the refusal resulting from Aizawa's powers, Shigaraki still manages to recover from the burns sustained with extreme ease and speed. Such innovations are the result of Dr. Garaki developed method that has briefly said transformed Shigaraki into the perfect Nomuinfusing powers of various quirks into his body to increase strength, endurance, speed and regenerative capacity.

So it's a full expansion that, combined with the decay and its new powers, is what Shigaraki is all about a war machine able to embarrass many heroes even without reinforcements. What do you think of this evolution of Shigaraki? Tell us in the comments. Here is the trailer for My Hero Academia ep. 6x07.

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