Anya Forger's powers are among the strangest elements of the series. Fans are very interested in their origins. In fact, Loid's adopted little daughter is one of the most celebrated characters in Spy x family. By the way, did you know that an adult artist created Anya fan art?

there second season of Spy x Family continues and the eighteenth episode of the series revealed a surprising weakness in Anya's mind reading abilities.

As events unfolded, telepathy came in particularly handy to her on a number of occasions. Still a twist the last episode lets us know that Anya's powers have a weak point. In fact, as she says herself, they disappear during important events and therefore she cannot read other children's minds when she has to face a challenging semester. The adults had told her that she could no longer use her powers during a solar eclipse. Every month when the moon disappears Anya loses her power.

Spy x Family is one of the anime crispy roll of the moment, as well as Chainsaw Man. Did you know Anya meets Pochita in a hilarious fan-made video?

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