The release of the spin-off manga of the universe of Naruto has attracted many readers to the MangaPlus platform interested in pursuing adventures parallel to what they have seen in the past. However, the second chapter of Sasuke's Heroic Enterprise: The Uchiha Spouses and the Starry Sky was not lacking in twists of well-known eye art.

above that 700 chapters signed by Masashi Kishimotoand a whole host of derivative works, but always staying true to the original imagery, the Sharingan has played a fundamental role on several occasions, and thanks to flashbacks and details that surfaced throughout the narrative, enthusiasts thought they knew all about Uchiha's eye art- Clan.

However, the last tables showed the second chapter of the spin-off a weakness of the Sharingan never met. To continue his mission, Sasuke entered the observatory in the city of Redaku, where he made the acquaintance of the Director Zansul. Seeking more information, Uchiha attempts to use the Sharingan's powers on the Headmaster to no effect.

Zansul's resistance stems from his own glass eyes, which appear to protect it from the Sharingan's influence and act as a barrier. This turn of events will bring changes to Sasuke's demeanor, who cannot even rely on Uchiha blood against Meno, the Velociraptor commanded by Zansul himself.

Finally we leave you to our special dedicated to the evolution of Sasuke and the first rumors about Naruto's big announcement planned for the Jump Festa.

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