One of the most amazing power ups by Dragon Ball great is the Ultra Instinct, the divine epic technique introduced by Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro to give Goku a way to face opponents across the 12 universes. But could our hero really use this form?

More than once the inconsistency of Ultra Instinct has been criticized or the technology suddenly unlocked by Goku in the Tournament of Power and further developed in the course of the subsequent story arcs. In particular, many users are not completely convinced of this Goku's ability to use all of these elements that once could not be used due to the demands of transformation.

Today we know that Ultra Instinct is the result of a calm heart and mindhowever, the question is more complex since the Mushin, the state of mind that inspires the technique does not preclude the possibility of using emotions or feelings. So it is not for nothing that our hero managed to keep passion in his heart in order to give his body a chance to survive even with a calm mind.

This way will also Toyotaro and Toriyama gave the protagonist a few opportunities to further improve Ultra Instinct in the future. And what do you think of this reflection? Let us know with a comment below.

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