The first major threat Goku and his allies faced Dragon Ball Z it was represented by Saiyan warriors, especially Vegeta. The same Saiyan Prince who years later lets Babidy control him to reveal his true evil side and returns to face Kakarotto in one of the series' most memorable battles.

Majin Vegeta has rediscovered his proud and perfidious nature and has decided to unleash himself against this Kakarotto, who for years has shown himself to be superior to him in all circumstances, from his arrival on Earth alongside the late Nappa to the Cell Game in the android saga . From this desire came the rather intense clash it allowed Babidi to wake up Majin Buuthe final major antagonist of the Z series.

And it is precisely on this clash that the artists of the Sky Top Studio have dedicated the diorama that you can see at the bottom of the page. The huge pointed stones and the furrow in one of them thrown by Vegeta form the background for the two Saiyans depicted on the two opposite sides of ahuge ball of energy ready to explode. The rendering of the details, from the wounds Goku sustained to the veins of Majin Vegeta, is incredible, as is the sphere's aura.

The figure, which will be on the market between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, is around 28 centimeters tall and can already be booked for prospective buyers Price from 235 euros. Tell us if you were impressed by leaving a comment below. To wrap things up, here is a new figurine dedicated to the hate felt by Goku who turned into Super Saiyan against Frieza and the five best moments of Dragon Ball Z.

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