First against the idea that his son and the shinobi of his village could use the technology in battle, in the new episode of Boruto: Naruto the next generations The Seventh Hokage appears to have radically changed its position on scientific ninja instruments.

The "ship's bow" prepares the ninja of Konoha al Fight against the inside the Kara organization, finally took action. But in order to fight this formidable adversary, Boruto and his friends need all the help they can get, including external funding.

Boruto episode 181 offers an exciting workout between the seventh Hokage and his sons. Though the young ninja is taking advantage of all of his tricks up his sleeve, including his new Rasengan, Naruto is always one step ahead. As the hero of Konoha himself explained, after analyzing the collision with Momoshiki Otsutsuki, the scientist Katasuke came up with a new tool for him. There Naruto's prosthetic arm is now able to absorb and neutralize the jutsu of others.

Such powerful scientific weapons could revolutionize the ninja world, and although Naruto originally opposed it, it now appears to be giving in to the future. As expected by Twitter user Abdul_S17, even Boruto will soon have his very own scientific ninja weapon available: a Sword of the chakra. Boruto's script seems to be in reliable hands.

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