Yamato was one of the biggest surprises in Wano's saga ONE PIECE. Presented as a mysterious figure, she then revealed to be the daughter of Emperor Kaido, eager to enforce Kozuki Oden's will, as well as a vital ally in the various vicissitudes the Mugiwara experienced throughout the narrative arc.

Now the protagonists have left the shores of Wano, where Yamato has decided to stay alongside the new Shogun Momonosuke and witness the country's rebirth. This doesn't preclude Yamato from returning in the future, considering he's actually the eleventh crew member. In anticipation of how his role in the ONE PIECE race will develop, the artists of Fantasy Studio created this collectible statue which you can see in the images below.

Positioned atop a Chinese dragon, likely Momonosuke Oden, Yamato prepares to attack with a determined expression on his face. The attention to detail is striking Portuguese D. Ace hat positioned next to him as if to remember the deep friendship that bound them. The figure, which will be released in the third quarter of 2023, can already be pre-ordered at Price of 280 euros. Tell us what you think in the area reserved for comments.

Finally, we leave you with the spoilers of Chapter 1066 of ONE PIECE, out Sunday November 13th on MangaPlus.

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