The success of Detective Conan is undisputed to this day. Conceived by Gosho Aoyama and launched in January 1994, the investigative adventures are being followed by millions of people worldwide who can witness a new story in the feature film announced by Toho in 2023, which will star Ai Haibara.

The first details about the new film had already surfaced in April 2022, and the animation studio released it on November 8, 2022 short teaser displayed at the top of the page. The video quickly shows scenes taken from the manga, focusing on little Ai, up to an animated sequence where the girl appears to be sinking into the sea. The film's title was not given, but from the only character that appeared at the end of the trailer, which stands for "kuro" or "black," this is likely the black organization will play a central role during the movie.

After all, Ai, or rather Shiho Miyano, was one of the top scientists of the organization and took part in the studies of APTX4869, a substance that can kill without a trace in the body of victims, but in a small percentage. also make them rejuvenate. this is that Drug used by the organization to kill Shinichi Kudowho later became Conan Edogawa and was hired by Shiho to escape his untenable employment.

Detective Conan's 26th film will premiere during Golden Week 2023, i.e. from April 29th to May 5th. Finally, we leave you a fascinating Ai Haibara cosplay.

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