The ultimate goal is not the selfish one driven by a sense of curiosity. Erwin Smith knew exactly: he was really curious to see what lay behind the walls, why Grisha JΓ€ger's basement was so important. A desire that has been instilled in him since childhood, in the past of Attack of the Giants.

He could never achieve this goal. The Battle of Shiganshina took his life in a clash with the Giant Beast that went down in history. And so, in the season 3 finale of The Attack of the GiantsErwin Smith sacrificed his heart to enable his companions and future generations to live on, while also giving meaning to those who lost their lives before him.

A gesture that made the heart beat faster, a sacrifice that is always carried high by every character of Attack of the Giants and also by all the fans. To pay homage to this commander who died bravely along with many other soldiers, Merlin imagines this Erwin Smith cosplay ready to ride one last time against their enemy to allow the implementation of another plan that could mean the victory of mankind.

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