2022 will finally mark the return of the animated franchise Dragon Ball great. In fact, Goku and his companions will return to the big screen in April with Super Hero, an anime film that promises to be a revolution. According to some information leaked on the net, new juicy details are coming next week.

There's less than four months left as of April 22, 2022, but fandom is shaking for more information on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. According to reports from Twitter insider @DBSHype, the community's cravings will soon be satisfied. On the next issue of VJump, a monthly magazine by the Japanese publisher Shueisha, comes with a major update on the 3DCG film.

They are to be phased out on the pages of the well-known newspaper Analysis of the main characters, Red Ribbon Army research files containing key narrative elements, and a Commentary by Akira Toriyama.

Well, no new teaser trailer, though lots of plot information and about the protagonists of the film. As we already know, this time it's not Goku and Vegeta that get the spotlight, but Gohan, Piccolo and Pan.

For the next News about superhero, will have to wait for the next installment of VJump, which will publish, among other things, chapter 80 of the manga Dragon Ball Super, whose first cartoon has already been published. Finally, we leave you with some official dialogues of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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