March should mark the arrival of a very important episode for the ONE PIECE anime. In fact, number 1015, which would have adapted the manga's basic 1000 chapters, was originally planned for the second half of March, but Toei Animation's hacking forced a long postponement. ONE PIECE then returned.

The anime picks up episode 1014 that was supposed to air a month earlier and has managed to bounce back. Not even time to get back into action and viewers were already looking forward to ONE PIECE 1015 promising sparks from the trailer. And finally, this episode arrived both in Japan and around the world crispy roll. Sunday April 24, 2022 marked the beginning of the great challenge between Luffy and Kaido in a duel that will shape the fate of the entire world.

He did it with beautifully done scenes, with background music that was able to bring the right energy and attention to the scenes, with an epic that is certainly not veiled, that on this occasion raised the anime bar significantly higher. And of course on Twitter, Reddit and in various social networks, ie ONE PIECE fans got excited. The video, also present on the Crunchyroll portal, retains many positive opinions, in addition to the many comments posted on Twitter. And what do you think of that Realization of ONE PIECE 1015?

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