Besides Weekly Shonen Jump, there are many other manga magazines in the Shueisha universe. Some of these are important, while others are among the big journals. To accompany the Shonen flagship and its releases, Shueisha has foreseen the presence of GIGA Jump, which often brings additional My Hero Academia content and other famous series.

Kohei Horikoshi's manga often ends up on the cover of Jump GIGA at some events. This time, in the spring 2022 issue, which will be released in Japanese comics and shops on May 2nd, the mangaka has decided to do so Put Himiko Toga on the cover. The villain from My Hero Academia then introduces the special magazine to the readers on a quarterly basis. The magazine revealed what the cover illustration will look like.

As can be seen in the tweet below, the Painting with Himiko Toga he sees the villain frontally, the tip of the tongue making its way between the sharp teeth. Toga's gaze is filled with madness and desire, perhaps projected onto the protagonist Deku, also given the recent events narrated in My Hero Academia.

Beyond this cover, there will be many collaborations from more or less well-known authors, posters of various kinds and, above all, many standalone chapters by Young Mangaka looking for her big chance to make a name for herself and debut with a series. In the last issue, Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen was the protagonist.

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