A new suit of armor is added to the already very rich collection of the billionaire playboy philanthropist genius of the Marvel Universe: in Iron Man #22, which arrives in July, we will have the opportunity to see it Tony Stark wears a new all-black stealth armor.

In the latest Iron Man series, the Golden Avenger received the greatest power-up in its history, gaining cosmic power and transforming into Iron God. Despite renouncing his divine powers, the plot is not yet complete: in the next issue (the nineteenth) A weakened Tony Stark must face a Michael Korvac with divine powers.

Somehow, Iron Man will emerge victorious from the clash, according to the synopsis published by Marvel for issue #22 TOny Stark dealt with a story of assassinations in the footsteps of the Mandarin's rings. The new stealth armor worn by Iron Man in issue #22 is reminiscent of the Mark VII worn in 1981's Iron Man #152. Thanks to the cover, you can admire the armor in all its glory of Iron Man #22 in the signature visual style of famed artist Alex Ross.

Iron Man #22, due for release in America on July 20, is being created by Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta and will enjoy Variant by artists Oscar Vega and Bjorn Barends. Below we share the main cover of Ross.

In any case, before the arrival of the number, the story of Iron Man will be disturbed by an unexpected event: Tony Stark will marry a Marvel superheroine.

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