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Chapter 3: Sacrifice Ceremony and Spring

Damuel enters the service of the apprentice Myne, fitting in very well with the mistreatment he has received from higher-ranking nobles, and becoming more comfortable with Myne and company. On the other hand, Myne accompanies the high priest to bring the offerings due, where only she can accompany him for the required amount of mana, but the patriarch comes with an "order" from the feudal lord, which the high priest suspects. The craftsman's work is also completed, handing over the pieces and seeing and analyzing them, Myne faints from the emotion. After the emotions the High Priest speaks to her Wolf died then he speaks to his parents and they accept Myne to be adopted by a nobleman. Now she has to be at the Spring Ceremony with an unexpected guest.

chapter opinion

I found an interesting chapter, especially the first half, the second was a bit expected. While interesting, I don't think there's much to comment on. Likewise, there are standouts that don't have an immediate answer, like Wolf's death because his enemies will also be Mynes. This event eventually conditions others, so Damuel's protection is no longer a guarantee of safety, forcing Myne to remain in the cathedral. But besides, Myne is more and more of his social revolution through literature, voicing that Gutenberg who was the revolutionary of his world. Very weird fainting and Damuel's reaction.

the servants

Damuel's arrival might change the established order among Myne's servants, but no, he is very well received and people marvel at him, he even feels funny in a good way for just being used to being mistreated (how sad). Even though he won't be with them that much anymore, the chemistry between them will still be good. But the one that doesn't seem to change...

Delia honestly seems to me to be the one who had the worst time of all people (only from what has been shown and what we can assume). Her attachment to the patriarch strikes me as absolutely awful, but I don't blame her, after all she is a girl who has been conditioned to serve and act in such a way as to benefit and not be hurt. What I hate is the patriarch (against the patriarchy...?) for putting the girl in such a situation. The information will be useful to the patriarch, although he may already know this.

only mine

There are things only the mouse can do and Damuel knows that. But what only she can do also harms her, like the so-called favor of the feudal lord handed down by the patriarch. Like the High Priest, I don't think it's his overly suspicious fake smile after sincere contempt. Possible suspect in Wolf's murder?

Only Myne has accumulated enough mana in his small form to survive, thanks to all the High Priest's support. Only Myne was able to, because he's out of this world (remember he's a isekai).


Just this private conversation between the high priest and Myne, she is in danger and the murder of Wolf shows the insecurity of her person. This is also due to the mouse's excessive amount of mana, which can become dangerous if used improperly. Because of this, the parents manage to understand, it is a sacrifice that is only because it is Myne. He thought that the father would do something, but it seems that he does not, after this conversation he gives his arm to understand that a daughter living far away is better than a close and dead girl . Difficult to accept, but it's the best choice.

At the end, a new character is introduced that the high priest doesn't seem to like. It seems that he will cause problems, although maybe he is an ally of the mouse, I would like to believe that (by the way, this character reminded me of the fighter from the second season of One punch man).

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