At the moment there is many talents in Japan who are slowly cultivating their passion for manga. They incessantly refer to their favorite authors, which in this generation could be names like Demon Slayer, Black Clover, and My Hero Academia, and begin their first steps toward a career as a mangaka.

A difficult career, encouraged by the competitions for young people of Weekly Shonen Jump and other leading magazines, always looking for new ideas that can delight today's audience. However, some mangaka's children are also at stake.

Usamaru Furuya, a famous author who has published works of caliber Happiness, Garden, Plastic Girls, Suicide Club, Hikari Club, Crusade of the Innocents, The Disqualified and many others, he has long since started posting not only the recordings of his own work, but also those of his son on Twitter.

The eleven-year-old mangaka son has been trying to draw for some time and produces real chapters, albeit with very long gestation periods. A fan decided to collect the illustrations that were leaked in the post on Reddit, which you can find below. where one immediately notices the artistry and concrete vision of this very young would-be author. The photos come from manga and booklets that are also for sale and that had moderate success at some fairs that the father also worked on.

Usamaru Furuya fulfills the wishes of the son he admitted he wanted.Draw a series like Demon Slayer"And so he enrolled him in a manga school in Tokyo, had him learn how to make up a name, create outlines, and finish a whole chapter. Young Furuya has been training for years and already dreams of entering a publishing competition and who knows, maybe one of his works will one day be a hit.

Even Yusuke Murata's daughter is not far behind and is engaged in drawing, and also thinks about preparing her manga.

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