It's time for newcomers to the Shueisha House. After the debut of Ruri Dragon on MangaPlus, the digital platform welcomes the first two chapters of a new work, You and I are the complete oppositethe romantic comedy by Kocha Agasawa.

With the conclusion of Ayashimon and other series, the Japanese publisher has renewed its catalog. Among the various novelties are You And I Are Polar Opposite, whose The first two chapters can be read for free exclusively in English. The third chapter will be released on Sunday June 26th. We remind you that Aliens Area has also recently arrived on MangaPlus.

In You And I Are Polar Opposite, readers get to know it Suzuki and Tani, two classmates who couldn't be more different. Suzuki is indeed an energetic girl who can't help but follow the fashion and the crowd. Tani, on the other hand, is a quiet boy who speaks his mind easily. Despite having two such different characters, the two are in love with each other.

L'Work by Asagawapreviously launched Kori no Joheki was born as a one-shot and released in January 2021. The manga will begin its serialization on Shonen Jump Plus on May 2, 2022. Currently, seven chapters have been released.

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