With Eiichiro Oda began the epic story of ONE PIECE In 1997 it is inevitable that over the years the series has aroused the curiosity of many, which has then turned into interest but also passion. Now, even in the world of entertainment, there are actors, gamers, directors and other professionals who are crazy about manga.

Among those fans is Taika Waititi seen in the past wear a blue ONE PIECE jersey, with Luffy smiling and Wanted written on it just to mimic his very first poster. And the director, who is currently struggling with Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth film dedicated to Marvel's god of thunder, has reaffirmed his love for the Eiichiro Oda saga.

During a behind-the-scenes shoot of the Thor movie, Taika Waititi wore a blue sweater that was censored to avoid unwanted sponsorship. Anyway, every ONE PIECE fan can do it Recognize Luffy's face and Wanted above him that the blur can't hide. Taika Waititi has therefore chosen an important scenario to commemorate his passion for Oda's manga.

Another boom star is Dua Lipa in a ONE PIECE inspired dress.

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