We've been into Ultra Instinct for a long time. This divine technique added Dragon Ball Super It's still partially mysterious, but we know that Goku can use it both partially and completely. The latter state is difficult for the Saiyan to achieve.

However, Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super seems to want to prepare Goku in a full Ultra Instinct version. Named after the use of the partial Ultra Instinct Omen, twice against Molo and without success, Goku had to rely on Merus. However, the angel's goal is to awaken this ability in the protagonist of Dragon Ball Super, who apparently only needs a small boost.

To sacrifice yourself Merus seems to be unleashing something in Goku. With a scene reminiscent of the one against Freeza and the transformation into Super Saiyan, at the end of Dragon Ball Super 63 we see the Saiyan from behind who looks like activate the complete Ultra Instinct. As Merus pointed out, thanks to the current strength, Goku will reach a more stable state than ever before. We'll have to wait another month before we can find out if Goku was really successful. Will he be able to defeat Molo once and for all?

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