The growth in popularity of Demon Hunter and its box office hit have few precedents in Japanese animation history. The sequel to the franchise has surpassed Miyazaki's Enchanted City, an absolute masterpiece that has triumphed in the rising sun for years. How can success only be a "coincidence"?

The famous father of Mobile Suit Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tominorecently took part in an interview for Livedoor News in which he commented on the current phenomenon of the demon slayer. First, he described the current anime landscape and noted the number of mainstream titles that need more seriousness these days to stand out from each other. Demon Slayer did it, and Tomino couldn't help but express his envy of a title that has drawn such skilled and talented employees.

"As soon as Demon Slayer got there, I thought, 'Wow! These people know a lot. "The voice actors are fantastic, a composer that everyone knows is very good. So many talented people together! In a way, I felt a little more than envy and thought to myself." Man, these are from another planet "."

He further added:

""Still, I don't think Demon Slayer is complex or calculated work. I think it's montage was the result of a coincidence. It's strange to have personalities that go together so perfectly. "

In fact, Tomino explained that in the industry, often why, some people are selected for a job by accident or because their schedules (calendars) are chosen by chance or due to force majeure It is rare to find so many talent at once.

And you, what do you think of his words, do you agree? Let us know with a comment below. Speaking of which, did you know that the new animated series Mobile Suit Gundam will be released in 2021?

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