Weekly Young Jump is a magazine that in recent years has managed to bring the public series with depth and different genres, from the sci-fi of Terra Formars to the historical of Golden Kamuy, which also includes the beauty of the romcom Kaguya-sama goes through : love is war. And it is precisely in this genus that we find another exponent, 100 girlfriends.

the manga Kimi no Koto ga Daidaidaidaisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo kicked off the last week of 2019 with a very fun and special chapter. Rentarou, a middle school boy, was always rejected by the girls in every way, getting up to 100 rejections despite his attempts. However, before entering high school, in a sanctuary he meets a deity who apologizes: because of him the boy never managed to get recognition, and therefore warns that the next 100 girls will fall in love with him, but who will be rejected will die. Thus begins Rentarou's special mission to bring happiness to each of these 100 girls, to make them fall in love and have a very special relationship.

This series, often abbreviated to the title 100 Girlfriends in the west it was also among the most promising titles of 2020. To confirm this and the growth of the last few years, there was a very important announcement: 100 Girlfriends becomes an anime. Young Jump Magazine was already expecting a reveal about the title, which would arrive on Monday March 13th, and in those hours came the long-awaited confirmation. Bibury Animation Studio will handle the series, with Wataru Kato voicing protagonist Rentarou, while the first two protagonists of the harem - Hakari and Karane - will be voiced by Kaede Hondo and Miyu Tomita, respectively.

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