The author of the manga via his official Twitter account Niwatori fighters ((Rooster fighter), Shu Sakuratanipublished a special illustration of the protagonist in Mexico. «I am in Mexico!"He wrote as a comment on the post. The illustration received multiple praise and positive comments from fans of the work and for the mention of Mexico, and thanked the author for the detail.

Sakuratani began publishing the manga through the service complex from the publisher Heroes on December 18th. No compilation volume has yet been published. Previously, Sakuratani published the manga T-Dragon through the magazine Monthly heroes between May 2015 and November 2019, compilation of the work in a total of ten volumes.

Rooster Fighter Synopsis

The action and combat manga tells the story of how humanity is threatened by monsters of overwhelming power known as "Kijuu". As cities are destroyed and people slowly despair, a rooster faces a threat. It is the story of how a single rooster fought for the survival of humanity.

Source: Official Twitter account

© 桜 谷 シ ュ 著 (著) / HEROS 小学 館 ク リ リ エ イ テ ィ ブ


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