There seem to be no more restrictions for the protagonist of My Hero Academia. Deku is unbridled after everything he's seen in the last few chapters, thanks to what we've been able to read in the last few weeks MangaPlus. The boy tries to get everything out of his peculiarity, one for all.

However, defeating Tomura Shigaraki might not be enough, given the potential he has shown to win over the enemy. The new owner of All for One, although his body is almost torn to pieces, has managed to regenerate enough for the time being to keep fighting. In My Hero Academia 284, he suffered from Deku's anger and sensational attack. But it can't be long.

in the My Hero Academia 285which will debut in English and Spanish on MangaPlus on Sunday September 27th at 6:00 p.m., yes could see Shigaraki's revenge. The villain has only taken Deku's blows so far, but he still has to make his move in the last individual fight. Horikoshi could pack a chapter full of gunfire and action, a raw fight that highlights the qualities of both sides.

All this while waiting for the arrival of Gigantomachia, which will also give the remaining heroes their work. You What do you expect from My Hero Academia 285??

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