The incredible success that Kohei Horikoshi has achieved in recent years, My hero academia , has led many fans in the industry to devote more or less surprising fanart, cosplay and even crossover to Midoriya and companions, like an illustration recently created for a t-shirt.

The world of My Hero Academia is fundamentally different from that of Hyrule, a setting in which we have followed the adventures of Link in the famous Nintendo series The Legend of Zelda for more than 30 years and despite the numerous differences between the two brands Fan wanted Give some heroes a hyrulic touch with the gorgeous design that you can find at the bottom of the page.

To embellish the job well done, there are also some very original ideas that will better define the design chosen for each modification made to the characters. Izuku, for example, appears as one Wooden puppet, almost a marionette, known as a Deku in Japanese culture, which matches both the nickname Bakugo gave the protagonist, and a recurring race in the Zelda video games.

To make the image laugh, we find Kirishima in the lower left transformed into a goron. Instead, Mineta has found its perfect Hyruliana counterpart in Tingle Ochaco managed to perfectly fulfill the role of Zelda. In the background we find All Might as Kaepora Gaebora with her very distinctive eyebrows and Endeavor as the main antagonist of Link's adventures, Ganon.

What do you think of this cute crossover? Let us know with a comment below. Recall that Yayorozu disguised as a cheerleader is about to come to life in a cosplay, and that All Might has her personal mecha in a fanart.

A crossover design I made for a shirt. The logo says "PLUS ULTRA" in Hylian. What do you think? by r / BokuNoHeroAcademia

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