Pan, daughter of Gohan and Videl and grandson of Goku, is one of the great news from Dragon Ball GT, the non-canon sequel to Toriyama's work. However, the young half-breed Saiyan is a character with untapped potential. What could have given it more depth?

The motivation that drives Pan to travel is unique help his grandfather Goku. This results in an almost characterless character with no real personal purpose. To stand out as a unique and compelling character, the girl would have needed a less superficial motivation. One of her peculiarities may have been the desire to become the first Saiyan to balance her family's strengths.

Pan is a rather passive character. In fact, his only decision is the first one in which he decides to follow Trunks and Goku aboard the spaceship. Throughout the series, Pan only seems to react to situations that happen around her. The moments that define his character are more unique than rare. The girl could have taken Decisions of greater depthB. the willingness to be trained by one of the two travel companions.

The main complaint about Pan is that no conversion to Super Saiyan. To see a woman of this breed transform, we had to wait for Caulifla in Dragon Ball Super. Apparently, Pan couldn't become Super Saiyan because she didn't have enough Saiyan blood, but in reality that theory was refuted by Goku Jr., her nephew, who transformed instead.

Pan has never played before a key role in one of the great battles of Dragon Ball GT. In fact, due to his low level of combat, he never actively participated in a fight. But even if she lost, her struggle would add more character.

After all, the main problem with this character is that he lacks a true one dedicated story arc. From episode first to last, Pan is never put in the spotlight, just as her relationship with her parents is never highlighted. The girl seems to be more attached to Goku than to Gohan and Videl. Let's find out more about Akira Toriyama's role in Dragon Ball GT. Kid Goku achieves Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball GT.

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