The current story arc of the series Boruto: Naruto the next generations It was created to introduce fans to the Kara organization, but away from what was seen in the manga, and to include exclusive characters like Deepa, who was theirs in the clash with Team 7 seen in the previous episode secret technology revealed.

The adversary was instantly portrayed as one of the most controversial and powerful adversaries Boruto and his companions have ever faced. He showed his true skills and surprised both the Konoha ninja and the audience. By doingEpisode 166 it was Deepa himself who explained what makes him so powerful and seemingly invincible, namely the ability to manipulate the carbon contained in his body.

Thanks to this power, Deepa is able to trigger super dense molecular bonds and turn carbon to stoneand then use the latter as a kind of armor. Clashing with Omoi's group, Deepa was only able to keep up with his opponents thanks to his punches, and we can finally understand why.

What do you think of this new skill? Were you surprised by the events of the last episode? Let us know with a comment below. Recall a fan recently introduced himself to Sasuke with the features of Itachi, and we're leaving you to a nice fanart showing adults from Boruto and Sarada.

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