The latest public post by the Pokémon author Takeshi Shudo, shared a few months before his death and recently translated into English by the website Lavacutcontent, turned out to be a real gold mine for fans of the genre, thanks to the many insights on the history and characters of the anime.

A few hours ago we reported a news concerning Ash Ketchum, the eternal eleven year old of Biancavilla, a character who apparently should have been eliminated immediately after the distribution of the second film of the saga, entitled “Pokémon 2 – The strength of one“A few minutes ago, however, new information leaked into the net, and fans are already speculating on what could have happened if Shudo’s ideas had turned into reality.

According to what Dr. Lava reported, Shudo reported the following: “The original idea involved the introduction of a new protagonist every 3/4 years. I just wanted to keep up with the times, to make people continue to reflect in the exploits of the characters. Imagine: there is this child who looks at Pokémon, but with the passage of time his tastes change, and maybe ten years later he decides to resume watching the anime. I wish he was thinking of Pokémon at the time as a franchise that grew up with him, but it’s hard to imagine this scenario if the series won’t show any change“.

Obviously the author could never have predicted the success of Ash Ketchum, but the intention to introduce a more mature protagonist ended up being one of the many regrets of Shudo.

And what do you think of it? Would you have liked such a change? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! Speaking of new protagonists then, we remind you that Ash and Go will soon arrive in Italy with Pokémon Explorations, the new anime soon to be released on Netflix and K2.

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