In 2007 the world also opened up to Manhwa or those comics from South Korea. For a long time less famous than that of their Japanese cousins, more recently the popularity for this type of work thanks to the Tower of God anime and that of the god of high school. But back to 2007 there was back then The crusher.

Park Jin-Hwan (designer) and Jeon Geuk-jin (screenwriter) achieved particular success in the world of Asian comics and manhwa He also convinced Star Comics to bring the series to Italy. After completing the first phase of the story, the duo ventured into the second season called The Breaker New Waves, which ended in 2014. The writers also revealed the arrival of a third season, but it's too late for everyone. these years.

There was also an interview with the writers of The Breaker that did not dispel any doubts. But now the designer decided to inform his fans about the status of the work. Park Jin-Hwan is currently focusing on one more series that will be completed by mid-2021. The screenwriter Jeon Geuk-jin is now working on it The Breaker Season 3, which could also be officially released in late 2021. One of the most popular Korean series is about to return.

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